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Facility was my first completely original map on team Hawken. Prior to my arrival, Hawken levels were less concerned with pathing and design and lacked focus. With Facility, I was able to set a new direction for Hawken levels by simplifying path clarity and focusing on an arena-type layout that proved very successful.


Last Eco is a level set within an old growth forest. Designing a natural environment for Hawken devoid of buildings meant using different sight-blockers than previous maps. Using elevation as the primary sight-blocker provides for an ever-changing fight, where the enemy may always be over the next hill. Vigilance and teamwork are necessary to control any one part of the map. Comprised of rock and fallen tree bridges, caverns, and an ancient pyramid, Last Eco provides many interesting arenas to do battle.



Wreckage is a symmetrical level with a combination of tight interiors and open battlegrounds, low ceiling and high verticality. This mixture of space lends itself to the many play styles within Hawken. The turning paths and overlapping layers allow players to evade and flank to a high degree, keeping the pacing of Hawken fast and deadly.



Apart from creating new levels, one of my main responsibilities during Hawken’s development was creating a completely new tutorial. The new tutorial utilized a fully voiced KISMET powered AI companion that lead the player through each system. I also scripted the sparring combat AI and an interactive target range. I designed all the HUD prompts for the dynamic points of interest, keybinding prompts, and success tick-boxes for each section.


Bunker was a small experiment I made in one day. My aim with Bunker was to create a small, open, but tight map.  Yet, it would still limit Hawken's extreme line of sight issues and keep players engaged in close proximity.



When I started at Adhesive, I took over Front Line from Design Director David Nguyen.  I helped carry Frontline across the line by designing unfinished areas like the map's center, and redesigning a few other sections to make it more cohesive.

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