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Extermination originated as an offshoot from the single player level BashTV. Working in a relatively short time frame the level quickly grew its own identity as Extermination, a two-player cooperative level. To do this I redesigned every enemy encounter, item pick up, and player gating mechanisms. I changed the art and level geometry to reflect these gameplay changes, such as enemy entrances and the mutant nest. New mechanics in the arenas were also devised, such as the altered spike pit, broken jackpot room, and malfunctioning elevator.



Rusty's Resupply was derived from the single player level Wasted Garage, where the player is sent to collect auto parts for his/her buggy. Keeping in theme with that concept, Rusty's Resupply was redesigned into a collectible challenge to be experienced with a friend. To provide a new experience for two players within a reused space, much of the level was tweaked and each floor's layout significantly altered to ensure smooth gunplay and movement. In doing so the enemy encounters were redesigned as was lighting, player objectives, and voiceovers. Whole sections of the map were added or moved to make it easier for two players to move and fight in the tight areas found in single player.

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